Successful end of NORDPLUS ADULT project!

Project “Nordic-Baltic Collaboration in Creating Innovative Training Programme for Adult Educators To Work with Perpetrators, Women and Children who Suffered from Domestic Violence” is coming to an end. We have been working with partners from Sweden, Norway and Iceland for 2 years.

A lot of has been done during those two years – we have collected good practice examples of the work with perpetrators and survivors of domestic violence, prepared the training programme to help specialists who are starting their work with perpetrators or survivors gain some initial knowledge (materials may be found here:

As a part of the project partners have also organized local training for social workers, psychologists, health care specialists, students, etc. They had several purposes: to share knowledge project partners learnt during the training in Lithuania, Sweden and Iceland and also to raise awareness of the issue.

On 14-15 of May we had a last project meeting in Steinkjer (Norway). We had an opportunity to discuss and evaluate our project results and say goodbye until the next projects.

Project meeting in Iceland
VšĮ Žmogiškųjų išteklių stebėsenos ir plėtros biuras together with partners from Norway, Sweden and Iceland are implementing project “Nordic-Baltic Collaboration in Creating Innovative Training Programme for Adult Educators To Work with Perpetrators, Women and Children who Suffered from Domestic Violence”.
Partners believe in the idea that in order to contribute to solving the problem of domestic violence it is necessary to work not only with survivors of domestic violence but also with perpetrators. Whereas specialists working with these groups need effective tools to help them.
Last week (13-15 September) partners met in a beautiful town named ?safjör?ur. We were hosted by Solstafir. Partners have been discussing the preparation of the training programme, its structure, piloting.
Our organisation is planning to prepare a qualification development programme for social workers who very often are the first ones to observe problems in the family but they might not have proper knowledge to help them.
We are planning to have the programme finished in spring 2018. A group of social workers will be invited to test the created programme.

NORDPLUS Partners meeting in Sweden

The project “Nordic-Baltic Collaboration in Creating Innovative Training Programme for Adult Educators To Work with Perpetrators, Women and Children who Suffered from Domestic Violence” has almost reached its mid-term and this time partners from Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Lithuania met in Skövde (Sweden). The meeting was held for 3 days. The first two days mainly were dedicated for the training and the last day – to agree on administrative things (timesheets, things that are still missing, updating website, etc.). On Tuesday (28 of March) we had a pleasure to participate in the training delivered by Ragnhild Åkerstedt about the work with children who have been exposed to domestic violence. She presented two methods that she uses. One was play therapy and the other was the staircase method. The staircase method is a treatment that reaches out over a long time. On 29th we had another interesting training on the work with immigrant children who are in the middle of two fires – the customs, traditions and beliefs of their parents and the modern society where they fled to from war. This issue is particularly relevant today when countries accept refugees from Syria and want to help families but have thousands of questions since it is a new challenge to our societies. Thus this training encompassed not only work with children and violence against them but also a different perspective – the work with immigrants. On 30th we have all agreed on the final structure of the Handbook for adult educators and also agreed what principle to follow while composing examples that we find useful and worth mentioning for others. We hope to prepare Good Practice Handbook at the beginning of June 2017. We will share it on our project and partners’ websites.

Kick-off meeting in Lithuania!

The first meeting of the Project is being planned on 12-13 in Šiauliai, Lithuania.

Partners from Iceland, Sweden and Norway are coming to officially start the Project. The preliminary agenda of the project:

Partners’ meeting (Day 1):

1.1 Kick-off meeting. Agreement signed, responsibilities shared, action plan agreed;

1.2 Short presentations of each partner about their organizations and the work done;

1.3 Sharing, discussing the Status Review of the situation and work in each of the participating countries with perpetrators, victims of violence;

1.4 Discussion and decision about the webpage (WP6) – design and functionality, Google Drive for storing and sharing the documents among partners;

1.5. Upcoming activities of the project (the next meeting and training, organization of local training workshop for adult educators, collection of best practices examples);

1.6. Evaluation of the meeting.

Training (Day 2):

1.7. ZISPB training on their work with perpetrators