About the project

The project “Nordic-Baltic Collaboration in Creating Innovative Training Programme for Adult Educators To Work with Perpetrators, Women and Children who Suffered from Domestic Violence“ (06/2016 – 05/2018) is financed by Nordplus programme.

The project aim is to create a collaboration project of adult educators and organizations who are involved in working with perpetrators of abuse and victims of domestic violence (DV). Target group: educational organizations, institutions from Lithuania, Iceland, Sweden and Norway who support the adult education.

In the project activities partners will share experience, knowledge during the training, develop the handbook of tools, methods and innovative training programme for specialists working with perpetrators, victims of DV with the aim to promoting holistic approach of working with all parties involved in DV.

Main results will be:
1. 3 international training for adult educators for experience exchange of working with perpetrators, victims of DV;
2. 12 local training workshops to transfer, multiply, evaluate the knowledge gained nation-wide for relevant stakeholders;
3. Best Practice Handbook of tools and methods to work effectively with perpetrators and victims of DV;
4. Innovative Training Programme for adult educators to work with perpetrators and victims of DV created and tested;
5. The competences and the work improved of 12 consortium members, 48 local training participants and 48 adult educators of pilot testing of the created programme.
The results of the project will be accessible on the project and partners’ websites, Handbook shared in
each of the participating countries during local activities, training, the training programme accredited in at least one country.

Project period 06/2016 – 05/2018