Where to get help?

In Sweden:

Emergency number: 112

For women and relatives : http://kvinnofridslinjen.se/sv/

For the children:  https://www.bris.se/

For those who works with abused women:  http://www.nck.uu.se/kvinnofridslinjen/

For men: www.manscentrum.se

In Iceland:

Emergency number: 112

A shelter for women: www. kvennaathvarf.is

Counseling and help: www.stigamot.is (Reykjavík, Egilstaðir and Ísafjörður), www.aflid.com (Akureyri), www.drekaslod.is (Reykjavík), www.reykjavik.is/bjarkarhlid (Reykjavík)

Counseling for perpetrators:  www.heimilisfridur.is

In Lithuania:

Help for women:

·    http://www.moteriai.lt/lt/pagalbos-centrai/

·       https://www.jaunimolinija.lt/lt/infobankas/kriziu-centrai-pagalba-smurto-aukoms/

For men:

·    http://www.vyrukrc.lt/

·    http://vyrukrizes.lt/

·    http://www.utenosvkc.lt/

·    https://www.jaunimolinija.lt/lt/infobankas/kriziu-centrai-pagalba-smurto-aukoms/


In Norway:

·       Police: 02800 or emergency number 112

·       Your local shelter (open 24h) – See overview

·    Free support phone: 800 40 008 (open: 09.00-15.00)