VšĮ Žmogiškųjų išteklių stebėsenos ir plėtros biuras (ZISPB)

Project applicant and coordinator VšĮ Žmogiškųjų išteklių stebėsenos ir plėtros biuras (ZISPB), is the initiator of the project. It is a non-governmental non-profit organization.

The main objective of ZISPB is to create, adapt and implement innovative social and educational initiatives and projects related to formal and non-formal education both to professionals and different target groups.
Organization develops and implements various projects, initiatives and interventions at both national, local and transnational level, in collaboration with formal and non-formal education providers, research centers, associations, NGOs, social cooperatives, SMEs, training centers, local institutions, public services, schools, etc.

The services are provided for different target groups: victims of violence, (ex) offenders, social risk families, youth, volunteers, social workers, social partners, disabled people, etc. Provided services include:
– development and implementation of local and international projects mostly with socially excluded target groups;
– development and accreditation of different programs for perpetrators, social workers, social workers assistants, nurses, volunteers, etc.;
– organization, execution and implementation of various social initiatives and activities, conferences, “round table” meetings etc. mainly in the field of working with victims of violence and perpetrators, HR management, inclusion of socially disadvantaged, vulnerable groups (e.g. elderly, unemployed, disabled, etc.);
– provision of research, information, counselling (advice), external evaluation services;
– provision of training.

ZISPB seeks to create or adapt new psychological services and training for the different groups of professionals working with social disadvantageous groups to provide them with information, counselling and educational activities; to initiate, participate and implement both local and international projects in the field of social work, formal and non-formal education; to improve skills, competences and knowledge to professionals and volunteers and provide them with methodical support.
Organisation has expertise in assessing and developing soft skills, developing and implementing new learning methods, working out new strategies, methodical materials and programmes of non-formal education regarding effective vocational insertion. As well we are skilled in pilot trainings, e-learning, accreditation of programmes, quality assurance, dissemination and valorisation, project management, research, conferences and venues, etc.

ZISPB delivers training services for victims of violence, (ex)offenders, perpetrators about aggression, anger recognition and management: the perpetrator’s personality, interpersonal relations, conflicts, personal responsibility, how to express emotions (positive and negative), how to recognize and manage it in appropriate and socially acceptable ways. Our organization successfully applies different techniques which have been adopted as best practices from other partners and uses them in daily work with victims of violence and perpetrators: “The theatre of the oppressed” (forum theatre, rainbow of desires, invisible theatre, de-escalation techniques, street work method, etc.).
Currently the staff of ZISPB is working with 20 persons who used violence in domestic environment.

There are two programmes (16 and 8 hours) created for the work with perpetrators. The programme aims at changing the destructive behaviour of men/women using various intervention models in order to protect the victim of violence from repeated violence. Themes discussed: the perpetrator’s personality, the origin and significance of anger, possibilities to change behaviour, interpersonal relations, conflicts, manifestations of violence, personal responsibility, etc. Parallel psychosocial support is given to victims of violence.


BIIA resource center (BIIA)
The organisation is working to support more people to participate in social life, work and entrepreneurship. BIIA resource center, you find in Örebro County, Jämtland and Västra Götaland, Sweden. BIIA resurscentrum /BIIA resource center is a member in Winnet Sverige, a driving force/ organisation for an equal growth in which women are given the opportunity to participate in society on equal terms. We are also in cooperation with different associations, enterprises and organisations (for example, Föreningen Kvinna Skaraborg, Svensk-Litauiska Riksföreningen, etc.)

One of the national equality goals of Sweden is freedom from gender-based violence. Men’s violence against women is a manifestation that there is an imbalance of power between women and men. Men’s violence against women occurs in all social groups and professions. Most common is that violence occurs in the home where the victim is familiar with the offender. The Swedish government’s work in recent years has focused on improving and tightening legislation, take preventive measures, and to work on vulnerable women get better treatment. Our organisation by implementing different projects, initiatives tries to contribute to the national equality goals of Sweden.

Competence network

BIIA resource center has been in operation for gender equality and equal opportunities for women and men to participate in social life and work since 2006. BIIA resource center is one of the local and regional competence networks that interact with other stakeholders in order to disseminate best practices and implement measures that promote reduced domestic violence.


Women’s shelters, Men for Gender Equality, municipal social services and the County Administrative
Board in different regions of the country, contributing with different types of tools through seminars, websites, common Internet portals with knowledge and networks, films and materials that explain and educate.

Knowledge and experiences

Also as actors of non-formal adult education within BIIA resource center, we have knowledge in family therapy, treatment education, and own experience of domestic violence and ways out, that can be used and disseminated within the project organizations and partners.

Folkeuniversitetet Midt-Norge (FUMN)
Folkeuniversitetet (FU) is Norway’s largest organiser of adult education. FUMN is a non-profit organisation whose purpose is to promote lifelong learning, gender equality in access to knowledge, insight and skills, and to strengthen the individual’s basis for independent work and collaboration with others in their profession and in society. As an approved institute for adult education under the Act on Adult Education, we wish to be an independent arena for learning and a supplement to public education.

We don’t receive government and have no owners. All income is used to provide a broad educational programme.
FU is divided into different geographic regions. The region represented in this project (Folkeuniversitetet Midt-Norge), is based in Central Norway.

FUMN offers both open and corporate courses, with a practical as well as a theoretical content. The courses can be of an introductory, intermediate or university level, or can be offered as continuing education.

FUMN and its VET department have focus on labour market service, especially vocational training, job orientation, apprenticeships and different training measures. This department develops and implement special courses and training programmes asked for from the business or the public sector.

Sólstafir is a grassroot organization, founded by women in the Westfjords of Iceland. The organisation started its activity 10 years ago, and staff most of that time been working as volunteers. Recently, that has changed, and the program will be able to gain some power with that change. As for now, there are four working for Sólstafir, taking in abused women who seek for help. The responsibility is divided between them, and each of them has a role to make the organization go by every day.

Those who come to organisation are from all levels of society. We help all those who seek help. The staff members also come from all levels. They have different backgrounds and experiences, but all of them have in common that they are themselves survivors of domestic violence and or sexual abuse. The main purpose is to provide a „safe zone“ for women who want to gain their mental weight again after being broken apart by an abuser. We let them feel like survivors, not victims, and lead them to gathering information about their strengths and use them to embrace their being.

The service is multifunctional. Organization offers individual talks, support groups, lectures and workshops. All have worked out quite well for the organisation and those who use it, but we are always willing to make our services better and putting more „meat on the bones“.

Solstafir shares housing with a family therapist and a psychiatrist. Organisation rents a small apartment with all supplies and a meeting space, office and therapy room. In the area there are around 4500 people that can use our service, and for the last years Solstafir has had around 30 clients per year.

The organisation is mostly founded by grants and support of others.